Books by Thad Stem, Jr.

  1. The Jackknife Horse. Raleigh: Wolf’s Head Press, 1954.
  2. The Perennial Almanac. Charlotte: Heritage House, 1959.
  3. The Animal Fair. Charlotte: McNally. 1960.
  4. Penny Whistles and Wild Plums. Charlotte: McNally and Loftin, 1962.
  5. Light and Rest. Charlotte: McNally and Loftin, 1964.
  6. Spur Line. Charlotte: McNally and Loftin, 1966.
  7. A Flagstone Walk. Charlotte: McNally and Loftin, 1968.
  8. PTA Impact: 50 Years in North Carolina. 1919-1969. Raleigh: North Carolina Congress of Parents and Teachers, 1969.
  9. Journey Proud. Charlotte: McNally and Loftin, 1970.
  10. Entries from Oxford. Durham: Moore Publishing Co., 1971.
  11. Senator Sam Ervin’s Best Stories. With Alan Butler. Durham: Moore Publishing Co., 1973.
  12. Tar Heel Press. Southport: North Carolina Press Association, 1973.
  13. Thad Stem’s First Reader. Durham: Moore Publishing Co., 1976
  14. Ransacking Words and Customs, from A to Izzard. Durham: Moore Publishing Co., 1977.
  15. Thad Stem’s Ark. Durham. N.C. Moore Publishing Co., 1979.
  16. In the Beginning. With Sam Ragan. Tryon. N.C.: Gallopade Publishing Group, 1984.

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