Books by James W. Clark, Jr.

Books (by date of publication)

  1. Clover All Over: North Carolina 4-H in Action. Raleigh: North Carolina State University, 1984.
  2. Talking about Raleigh: A Bicentennial Oral History, ed. James W. Clark, Jr. Raleigh: North Carolina State University, 1993.
  3. Clover All Over: North Carolina’s First 4-H Century, 1909-2009. Raleigh, N.C.: Ivy House Pub., 2011.

Articles (by date of publication)

  1. “Literature of North Carolina.” The Companion to Southern Literature. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2002.
  2. “The Family of North Carolina’s Brothers Price: An Interview with William S. Price, Jr.” North Carolina Literary Review, 25 (2016): 164-78; “A Glimpse of ‘these extraordinary Price brothers,'” NCLR Online 2016: 40-46.
  3. “Forever Growing: Our Common Glory Today,” Program for 2018 Season of The Roanoke Island Historical Association’s Production of Paul Green’s The Lost Colony: 38.
  4. Clark has also been published in the Mark Twain Journal, North Carolina Libraries, North Carolina Folklore, and the Southern Poetry Review.

Articles in Thomas Wolfe Review (by date of publication)

  1. “Mountain Grills” Thomas Wolfe Review 8.1 (1983): 69-71.
  2. “The War Between the Gants.” Thomas Wolfe Review 10.1 (1986): 58-63.
  3. “Getting Dick Prosser Right.” Thomas Wolfe Review 20.2 (1996): 21-31.
  4. “George Webber’s Junior Year at Pine Rock College?” Thomas Wolfe Review 24.2 (2000): 11-18.
  5. “Esther in Dark October.” Thomas Wolfe Review 25 (2001): 14-22.
  6. “Review of Robert Penn Warren’s Circus Aesthetic and the Southern Renaissance by Patricia Bradley.” Thomas Wolfe Review 29 (2005): 113-15.
  7. “Eugene Goes to Sydney.” Thomas Wolfe Review 31 (2007): 37-46.
  8. “Wilma Dykeman: Her Time and the River.” Thomas Wolfe Review 31 (2007): 95-100.
  9. “Thomas Wolfe’s diagnosis of Leroy dock.” Thomas Wolfe Review 39 (2015): 31-37.
  10. “Beyond ‘a stone, a leaf, a door’ in Look Homeward, Angel and O Lost.” Thomas Wolfe Review 40 (2016): 41-52.