Works by Marsha White Warren

Poetry and other works (by date of publication)

  1. Selected poems (15 total). Grace, Eugene V., ed. Poetry Under the Stars. Durham, N.C.: Moore Pub. Co., 1979.
  2. “Invincible Irene.” Bayes, Ronald H., ed. North Carolina’s 400 Years: Signs Along the Way. Durham, N.C.: The Acorn Press, 1986.
  3. “Invincible Irene” also appears in:
    • Eubanks, Georgann, ed. Literary Trails of Eastern North Carolina. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2013.

4. “Bound North.” Ragan, Sam, ed. Weymouth: An Anthology of Poetry. Laurinburg, N.C.: St. Andrews Press, 1987.

5. “Bound North” also appears in:

  • Buckner, Sally, ed. Our Words, Our Ways: Reading and Writing in North Carolina. Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press, 1991.
  • Stephenson, Shelby, ed. Carolina Spring: An Anthology of North Carolina Poets. Benson, N.C.: S. Stephenson, 1999.
  • Warren, Marsha White, ed. Collected Poems of Sam Ragan: Poet Laureate of North Carolina. Laurinburg, N.C.: St. Andrews Press, 1990.